Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Alone in the house!!!

Today is my first time stay alone in this big house. Actually i really feel very scare since im not brave at all. Nevermind lah, just take this opportunity to let myself think clearly. Recently, i more and more don't know who am i?? I like lost myself already?? I feel very tired, very very tired in everything. I always feel that it is faith for me to know every single person who appear in my life. But yet, there are a few questions appear in my mind. a) Is human being selfish?? b) Is there anyone will take others more important than themselves?? c) What value am i hold on?? Actually the first two questions always told by my friend that every human is selfish. No one will take others more important than themselves but i always do feel that not really. For those i appreciate, i really take the heart to them, i really will always leave those good one to them instead of myself. This is because i think they are worth for it. But i do know that not everyone will like that, when they do something that is hurt, it really hurt. I always feel that there is so much of uncertainty in life. A person may be look good and healthy in this second but may be will die in the next second. I had been asked myself what is the value i been in this world?? But the answer seems like no. In this year, i do feel changes in myself especially my health problem. Before that, i difficult to breath, and then minor gastric and now don't know why my hand keep on shaking these two days. Hope will be ok soon.

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